Millions of people use public transport every day to purchase an airplane, train or bus ticket. Most companies offer users the option of taking out a corresponding passenger insurance policy that may include cancellation, assistance or luggage.

This insurance is a product that Alicante Private Airport Shuttle offers FREE for your transfers. Because what happens if the vehicle has an accident or if a passenger slips and breaks a leg? In these situations the mandatory Travelers Insurance (SOV), which is included in these tickets, protects you as a traveler from a large number of situations.

What is Mandatory Travelers Insurance?

The purpose of the SOV is to compensate all travelers, or their beneficiaries, who suffer bodily injury as a result of an accident that occurred during the journey in a public transport. The users will be covered whenever the vehicle circulates within the national territory. The insurance is included in the final cost of the ticket.

Transport included in the S.O.V.

The Mandatory Travelers Insurance includes all vehicles with 9 or more seats intended for the carriage of passengers traveling on “motor vehicles” by urban or interurban land and have public purpose.

Insured persons

This Mandatory Travelers Insurance will cover all passengers at the time of the accident. Likewise, they will also be covered by the Mandatory insurance the minors who are exempt from the payment of the ticket and can travel for free.

What risks does it cover?

Articles 7 and 8 of Royal Decree 1575/1989 stipulate that travelers who suffer bodily injury due to “collision, overturning, reaching, leaving the roadway, breakage, explosion, fire, reaction, external blow and any other damage or abnormality affecting or proceeding from the vehicle“ shall be covered by the insurance.

In addition, all those who suffer an accident during the journey, before it begins and the events immediately after its completion, will also be covered by the Mandatory Travelers Insurance, as long as the user is in the vehicle. That is, if a passenger stumbles upon getting on or off or slips while they are delivering their suitcase, they will also be covered by this policy. Of course, all those that provoke accidents in state of drunkenness or under the effects of drugs or narcotics are excluded from the coverage of the SOV.

The right to compensation

The insured and his beneficiaries will be entitled to receive compensation when death, permanent or temporary disability of this first occurs as a result of one of the accidents that compiles the Mandatory Travelers Insurance.


The insurance guarantees travelers a health care in the event of an accident that lasts up to a maximum of 72 hours from the time it occurred when the injuries produced by the insured do not require hospitalization or specialized treatment in “ambulatory cure”. This temporary limit will be extended up to 10 days in case the traveler has the assistance covered by other compulsory insurance, and up to 90 days in the rest of the cases.


In the event that the insured dies, the compensation received by the beneficiaries will be unique and will be paid if the death takes place within 18 months from the date of the accident and if it is a direct consequence of the accident.

Permanent and Temporary Incapacity

In the case of permanent incapacity, the victim may request the payment on account of compensation that may correspond if the nature of the injuries that give rise to it make possible the definitive diagnosis of the treatment. As for the compensation for temporary incapacity covered by this insurance, the amount will be established according to the degree of disqualification that is attributed in the scale to the injuries of the insured, without taking into consideration the actual duration of which they have suffered.

Compatibility with other insurance

Compulsory Travelers Insurance (SOV) is included in the Private Accident Insurance scheme and is therefore compatible with any other insurance that the user has subscribed to.