Calpe, beach and history

When you visit Calpe, you see how beautiful the Costa Blanca can be. You will experience the blue water, the white beaches, the eternal sun and the smell of the sea. Calpe is a great seaside resort to experience Mediterranean culture! On this page you will find more about Calpe, its sights, spots for a snack and drink and of course how to get here from Valencia.

The city is divided in two by the saltwater lake Las Salinas in the middle of Calpe. A very special view! The old fishing village of Calpe has a pleasant historic center. You can walk through the narrow streets past many old buildings, the Gothic church and the nice shops. In the street Calle Puchal you will find traditional fishermen’s houses. Thanks to its strategic location, Calpe has a lot of history, from the Arabs to the Romans. Calpe was originally a walled city. Parts of this wall (Torreon de la Peca) and a watchtower can still be seen in the old center. There are also old cannons in the center. These guns were found in the sea off Calpe and probably of British origin. Next to Calpe you will find “Los baños de la Reina” (the baths of the queen). These are the remains of a Roman salt factory.

When you think of Calpe, you think of Peñon de Ifach! This 300 meter high limestone rock protrudes above the Mediterranean Sea and can be seen from a wide area. Peñon de Ifach is one of the most special sights of the Valencia region. The rock is not only impressive to see, but also has very special flora and fauna. This is unique for the Costa Blanca. You can start a hike up from the harbor. Once you are on top of the rock, you have a great view, on clear days you can see Ibiza! Before the climb put on good shoes and bring enough water and sunscreen.

The port of Calpe is located under the large rock Peñón de Ifach. Calpe was originally a fishing village and today the fishing port is still very active. At the end of the afternoon, many fishing boats return to the harbor to immediately sell their catch at auction. Private individuals can also participate in this auction. Very nice to experience! In addition to fishing boats, there are also many catamarans and other boats in the harbor, with which you can take a trip on the sea. In the adjacent marina Real Club Nautico Calpe there are many luxury yachts. There is also the old fishing port of Puerto Blanco. Nowadays there are also yachts here and you can enjoy a drink there.

Between the buildings of Calpe you will find the salt water lake Las Salinas, which was created by the old salt mines of Calpe. These salt mines used to be the economic center of Calpe. The salt was used to preserve the many fish caught in Calpe and was also exported to other parts of Europe. The saltwater lake is now a protected nature reserve. Many special types of animals live there, including flamingos.

There are a lot of beautiful beaches around Calpe. The most famous are the sandy beaches Playa Arenal and Playa Levante. Playa Arenal is the largest and there is the most to experience, you can rent umbrellas and beds, but also many different water sports. In addition, there is a pleasant boulevard. The small pebble beach Les Bassetes and the pebble beach Raconada del Port are especially popular with divers and snorkel boots.