Spanish Real Estate

Why should you invest in Spanish real estate? Click and discover some of the many benefits of living here.
Why invest your savings in real estate in Spain? Many real estate investors and savers looking for more returns did it for you. And they had many good reasons. Cash in and enjoy!

  • The financial crisis has devoured Spanish property prices. Nevertheless, the rents have been maintained until today. This situation creates a favorable investment climate for foreign investors. They pay less for real estate, but still get a nice return every month. So not only the German real estate market, but also the Spanish is recovering well!
  • Foreign investors registered no less than 21% of all Spanish real estate transactions in their name last year. In proportion to the population, Belgian investors even invested the most. That is not surprising: Belgians generally have a well-filled piggy bank, the property prices are considerably lower in Spain than in our country and on top of that you get the Spanish sun for free.
  • Spain is a diverse country with different cultures, languages ​​and eating habits. The bustling nightlife in the capital Madrid is in stark contrast to the tranquil fishing villages in Galicia. That makes the blessed south an attractive place for tourists and investors alike.
  • A property in Spain is cheaper in certain areas than in Belgium. Due to the double taxation treaty between Spain and Belgium, only the country where the property is located can collect taxes. The Spanish tax is a lot lower than the Belgian one. The Spanish government is also authorized to tax your added value. That is half as much as in Belgium! For companies, the costs of real estate are also tax deductible in Spain.

And there are even more benefits to Spanish real estate. Attention! Spain has 17 autonomous regions and they determine their own tax rules separately. It is therefore crucial to inform you thoroughly in advance about those specific procedures.